What are the Best Chew Toys for Teething Puppies?

There are a huge variety of chew toys for puppies. And, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your puppy. Some of these teething toys can be expensive and you need to make sure that you are purchasing one of the best toys on the market.

These toys will normally be those that are durable and that will really give relief for the puppy’s teething problems. If you don’t know which toy, of the many available, is the best then this guide will make the decisions a lot easier. These are the best chew toys for teething puppies.

Kong Binkie

If you want to make sure that you are purchasing the best chew toy for teething puppies, then you should consider purchasing Kong Binkie.

This is a durable, plastic toy that your puppy can chew on. And, while the puppy is chewing on the toy, they are also cleaning their gums and teeth. The only problem with this toy is that it is hard to find and can be on the more expensive side. However, when you are reading reviews, many puppy owners are recommending this toy.

Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier

Another toy that you can purchase for your teething puppy is the Nylabone puppy teething pacifier. This is a tow that is looking like a pacifier. With rough sides that are going to bring relief from aching and itching teeth and gums.

This is a great toy and is known as one of the chew toys for teething puppies. The problem is that this is more for a smaller breed dog. The larger the breed, the easier it is going to be to chew the toy and to destroy it completely within days. This is a great toy, but it won’t last long in certain breed dogs.

Flossy Chews 4 Knot Rope

Not only is this the cheapest chew toy for a puppy, but this is also the one that is giving the best results and that is the most durable. This toy is cleaning the teeth, and the gums while they are chewing on it. But, at the same time, the toy brings relief for the itching and aching gums.

This is also a great toy that the puppy can play with, even when they are finished teething. Dogs in general loves rope toys, and the flossy chews 4-knot rope isn’t any different. This is a toy that many puppy owners are recommended and it is easy to find in most supermarkets.

When you have a puppy, the one thing that you should have is a couple of the best chew toys for teething puppies. This is if you don’t want anything else in your home destroyed. The teething toys are important to soothe aching and itching gums and assist with the whole teething process. The moment that you know which toys you should purchase, the easier the teething process will be. For you and for your puppy. Teething is part of growing, and if you want to have a puppy, you need to know that you should purchase a couple of these mentioned teething toys.

Author: Lieft1979 fleckens