Wedding Traditions of German

wedding traditions

Wedding Traditions – Most Americans know the tradition of marriage in the United States. June is the preferred month for marriage. “Something borrowed, something blue,” “groom party” for parents and weddings, “point (maybe)”, “no luck seeing the bride in a wedding dress before the ceremony,” the bride made this long trip on the shared sidewalk his daughter, and man, don’t forget the “bachelor party”!

wedding traditions

But in Germany, the favorite month of marriage is May. Wedding traditions in Germany are very numerous and vary from region to region. In addition, some young generations no longer practice the following marriage traditions.

Eheringe (alliance)

During the engagement period, the bride wears a ring on their left hand. After marriage, they wore wedding rings in their right hands. Usually, the ring is gold without diamond.

Brautkleid (wedding gown)

In Germany, like in the United States, brides use “white.” But in Germany, brides use very short trains or, in general, do not wear braces on wedding dresses. If the wax is worn out, they have a fingertip length and are generally not worn on the face, like in the United States. Headscarves are often used with bandages and ribbons. Tiara (Tiara), a small bag and gloves are also included. It is customary for the bride to dress at home or at her parents’ house and then attend the ceremony.

Brautigams Kleidung (Groom’s Clothing)

The groom usually wears a black suit or tuxedo suit

Die Standesamtliche Trauung (Marriage)

Before a religious marriage, the bride will marry in Standesamt (Registry) by an employee who is most often in the Rathaus (city hall). A witness is needed for the bride and also for the groom.

Die Kirche-Hochzeit (church marriage)

Together, the bride will enter the church and walk in the hall. Because it is illegitimate to only have one ceremony in the church, the couple will be legally married by Standesbeamte. Unlike the United States, it’s not common for bridesmaids, groomsmen or flower shops.

Andere Deutsche Traditionen (Other German Traditions)

The bride often uses salt and bread as a sign for a good harvest and the groom brings cereal for wealth and good fortune.

Before the wedding, the bride’s property was transported to her new home. This may include household linen that he took, a bed where the doll was placed secretly and, for the wedding of a farm girl, the second cow from his parents. Read also Beach Wedding Dresses


This Bavarian tradition has official guests dressed in luxurious clothes decorated with ribbons and flowers door to door, personally inviting guests to make rhymes. Guests agreed to affix one of the Hochzeitslader hat bands and offer a drink or two at each stop. If there are many guests and Hochzeitslader tends to accept the drinks offered, it may take a day or two to complete their work!

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