Tips for Maximizing Score on the IELTS Listening Test

IELTS Listening – Maybe you have been training for IELTS listening, but it still doesn’t work. But actually, doing a listening test on IELTS requires some special keys. This key will get you the right answer. So, not just the concentration needed.

About IELTS listening
For IELTS listening are 4 sessions, each session has a different topic. Certainly, each session will also be more difficult than before. For the first, usually audio is in the form of daily conversation. For example, conversations opening bank accounts, job openings, service providers and so forth.

The second session is a monologue, but not an academic context. For example, someone who provides information, such as tour guides, conferences or tourist information. The third session was a discussion conducted by 3 to 4 people. Most of the themes are education. Can be students with tutors or teachers, group discussions and others

While the final session of the topic was more academic. Usually this session has a style like learning on campus. So it takes full concentration for the fourth session.

The key to IELTS listening success
There are several things that need to be considered in working on IELTS listening. Remember that the value of the listening session itself depends on what you write in the answer sheet. Therefore, make sure you answer everything. Here are some things that the examiner will examine, regarding the answers to your listening.

1. Grammar
Wrong grammar will reduce your score. So it is very important to pay attention to grammar, especially with regard to plural or singular nouns. Usually there will be an article in front of a blank sheet which identifies that the answer is a singular noun. Then what needs to be considered is the verb tense and noun form.
Capital letters are also very important. So for countries, cities or locations to use capital letters. If you write the word “Australia” with “Australia” then your answer will be considered wrong.

2. Spelling
Speeling or spelling must also be considered in the IELTS listening test. Wrong speeling will also make your answer wrong. So really need to watch out for.

3. Writing
Maybe during IELTS listening, you always feel rushed because audio is only played once. Even so, pay attention to your writing too. If the examiner cannot read your answer, it will be considered wrong. So write clearly and correctly.

4. Use all uppercase letters
Maybe you have doubts or don’t know, which words must be written in uppercase prefix. However, there is one way that can save your IELTS listening answer, which is to write all the answers in capital letters. Because the answers written in capital letters will be easy to read by the examiner. Besides that, you don’t have to worry about a few words that require capital letter prefixes.

Author: Lieft1979 fleckens