Tips and Tricks for Writing Letters for Informal Ielts Writing Task

ielts writing task is one part of the reading, writing and listening that is in the IELTS test. Of course you already know that in writing the task there will be a task to make formal or informal letters. This time will be discussed briefly about tips and tricks in writing informal letters that are effective.

Identify audience
When in the instructions about writing writing tasks you are asked to write a letter to friends, then the letter that must be written is an informal letter. In the instructions, the instructions will usually be written to whom you must write a letter and why the letter was written. This informal letter will show a personal style like communicating with a friend and talkative.
Usually in the question instructions will be written topics about work such as the reason why you changed jobs. Although discussing work, because the letter was addressed to a friend, the style used was informal. If you get such instructions, the point that must be in your letter is about the reason for changing your job, how your new job is and can be closed with other news about you.

Openers and letter covers
In an informal letter addressed to a friend, you can open it by showing interest about how your friend did something. You can also refer to an event that was previously discussed together. Or you can open it by mentioning or discussing something your friend said in the previous letter.
You can open a letter with the phrase “I’m writing to tell you about something …” and close it with “I’m looking forward to hearing …”.

Structure in paragraphs
Writing is difficult informally in writing writing tasks also need to pay attention to paragraph structure. Think about what items will be written in the letter. You can enter 4-5 paragraphs in a letter that has been accompanied by an opening and closing.

You also need to pay attention to the grammar used. You can use active voice to make the letter more interesting when read. Even though this letter is informal, avoid using simple words and repeat the same words. An informal letter in the writing writing task is your opportunity to show all that is known in 150 words. Therefore do not waste this opportunity.

Use punctuation, and placement of appropriate capital letters. An informal letter in the IELTS test also needs to use the appropriate structure, grammar and punctuation. Skill using lexical that is not common in lexical resource requirements must also be met. The lexical must still have the same meaning as the main goal. All points will be included in the assessment of the ielts writing task.

Author: Lieft1979 fleckens