Things to do in Osaka

You should consider making your list of things to do in Osaka as soon as possible because it’s a lot! Osaka is known for its modern architecture, nightlife and hearty street food. It is one of the main cities for tourist destination. The well develop city live in harmony with long and authentic culture is always interesting to explore. Osaka is always beautiful in any seasons. You may combine your list of things to do in Osaka in winter with several indoor and outdoor activities. Sit nicely and start writes your destination list in Osaka Japan!

  1. Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle was constructed in 1583. This beautiful castle has hundreds of years of history to be discovered behind its high walls and heavy wooden doors. You can have a picnic in Nishinomaru Garden after visiting the castle. The best time to visit Osaka Castle and Japan in general is actually in spring, around April-May. You will experience the beauty of pink sakura and Hanabi, a flower watching festival during spring. Try the famous Kimono on and walk around the castle. You will feel like jumping to the 18th century. The entrance ticket is ¥600 and you can rent the Kimono online. If you like cultural tour, you should make a list of things to do in Kyoto and make a stop in Kyoto while traveling to Japan.


  1. Aquarium Kaiyukan Osaka

Aquarium Kaiyukan Osaka is the biggest aquarium in Osaka and probably the biggest public aquarium in the world. Take a walk through aquarium and see the displays of marine life in 27 tanks. The habitats of the marine life are from the Ring of Fire area of the Pacific Ocean. Aquarium Kaiyukan Osaha has many varieties of fishes including manta rays and 2 whale sharks.


  1. Akiba Kart Osaka

Do you look for an unique things to do in Osaka? Drive the Akiba Kart Osaka! Take a red kart and drive around the city! To give the maximum experience in driving the Akiba Kart Osaka, you can rent certain costume as well such as Power Rangers, Mario bros, and many more. You can choose to rent the kart in the day or at night. Akiba Kart Osaka open in the morning until 8pm.


  1. Onsen

You must be tired after exploring Osaka. Before fly back to your homeland, it would be better for you to indulge yourself in a Japanese style of hot spring. You can find several onsens in Osaka such as Arima Onsen, Okumizuma Onsen, Kamigata Onsen Ikkyu, Mino Onsen Spa Garden, Rurikei Onsen, Amami Onsen Nanten-en, Osaka Sansuikan, Kakimotoya, Yumoto Hounoya, and many more.


  1. Pokemon Center

What is your favorite Pokemon character? Mine is Pikachu. Pokemon Center is the main destination for all of the Pokemon lovers! You will find many cute Pokemon character in Pokemon Center. Prepare some little extra money for shopping in Pokemon Center.

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