The Right Formula for Mastering English Vocabulary

IELTS General – Studying general ielts certainly cannot be separated from vocabulary mastery. Meanwhile, to master the vocabulary itself there are several formulas that you can follow. Basically there are three main formulas that are widely used by people to master new vocabulary easily, namely by seeing, listening and speaking. For an explanation, see the following description:

Clustering said
Word clusters or notebooks which are also known as small books are the first part that you must do in mastering new vocabulary and general ielts, which you can arrange thematically, or linguistically. As well as several ways below:

• Word placement according to the theme
If you place thematically vocabulary, that means the vocabulary you just found is adapted to the same theme as words related to the environment, nature, education, food and more.

• Appropriate shape
In contrast to the section above, this vocabulary is generally collected according to the form it has. In other words, each customized vocabulary is based on the linguistics it has.

More open with words
For making word clusters like those found in the general ielts themselves, of course you will need words. In other words, from the reading process means you also have to listen. For that, in this one stage you should start with:

• Reading
Reading, there are people who hate these activities, but not infrequently people who like them. For those of you who want to add an understanding of English vocabulary, then you should make it a habit to read the various types of vocabulary you just got. Thus your ability to speak English can be better trained.

• Listen
Listening to podcasts is one of the right ways to train you in listening to various types of new vocabulary. To make things easier, you can listen to things related to what you like, such as music, politics, and others.

• Learn one word
For each new word, so you can remember it better, then make sure to learn it too. Like making sentences and others.

Use of new vocabulary
The last formula in how to master new vocabulary and general ielts correctly is to use it, either by speaking or even writing it down, so that what you have got can be remembered more easily. as well as the following steps:

• Speak
Because what you learn is a vocabulary form, then you can use it by placing the vocabulary on your daily conversation as well as combining the vocabulary with the sentence you say and other

• Writing
Besides speaking writing, you can also use it as the next way to remember new vocabulary more easily. In other words, these words can enter the brain more easily because they are familiar with what they write.

Author: Lieft1979 fleckens