IELTS Academic vs. General Training Tests

IELTS test is probably something which is quite familiar to all of us. The result of the test is commonly being a part of the academic requirements particularly if you want to study or work abroad.
There are some occasions that require IELTS as one of the requirements including applying jobs and scholarships. Since this test includes the measurement for the 4 skills; listening, speaking, reading, and writing, if you are good in them, you are considered being able to communicate well in English.
In general, IELTS test is classified into 2; they are IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. So, what are they and the differences between them? Here are the explanations.

IELTS Academic Test
The IELTS academic test is intended for the people who want to apply the higher levels of certain academic or professional programs. As an example, it is when you want to go to college or apply for a scholarship in an environment of English native speakers.
IELTS academic tends to reflect some matters that are related to the academic terms. Meanwhile, the test is functioned to measure whether you have been ready or not to study in such an English environment.
The most important points in the IELTS Academic test are the IELTS reading and writing tests. The reading and writing tests may cover various topics that are related to the general knowledge including the history, science, economy, social, and so forth.
Although it requires the general knowledge and insight aside from the English itself, you should not worry, it doesn’t mean you must be an expert in those fields. In fact, the answers for the questions have been provided in the text. So, you just need to read the questions carefully to answer them correctly.

But to optimize the result, it is more suggested for you to enrich your vocabulary. Meanwhile, the IELTS material for academic purposes includes the technical and visual terms in the form of graphics and diagrams.
Despite the reading and writing skills, IELTS academic test also covers the IELTS speaking and listening tasks. This part is similar to the IELTS general training test in which you may listen to the monolog and dialog recording followed by some questions.

IELTS General Training Test
IELTS General Training Test is for them who need to go abroad for jobs or training programs. Meanwhile, it is also suggested for those people who want to migrate to some countries like UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
Different from the IELTS Academic Test in which the tasks are focused on academic purposes, this one is more about measuring the participants’ abilities in the social and career contexts. The test also loads the authentic articles from journals, newspapers, or magazines. But the majority of the text tends to be shorter with such simpler vocabularies.

The tasks along with the topic given tend to be more general. Commonly, they are related to daily life. But for the rests, there are still the same between the IELTS Academic and General Training tests. Even you can complete all of them with the same strategies.

Author: Lieft1979 fleckens